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       Welcome to Ms. Vega's 7th Grade Science       Please check the download section for Extra Credit!!!  
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Welcome to my class home page!
7th Grade Science Rocks!! Welcome Back :)

School is Here!!
Be sure to keep to stay active, Mentally and Physically.
Take a walk daily, go play basketball, soccer, football, volleyball with your friends.
Read books and Magazines and Stay ACTIVE!!

StemScopes Log in Information
Use the following links to create an account to complete online lessons, quizzes and cool science games that count as class grades.

Power My Learning Log in
1st Period:
2nd Period:
5th Period:
6th Period:
7th Period:

If your interested in practicing your science skills, visit the link below for some fun interactive science games :)

  1. pbskids.org/games/science.html

You can do a fun interactive study guide and practice old skills from this year or even earlier grades
or you can get a head start for high school.  
Click on the following link to access both interactive study guides and a paper version if you want to print it out.  http://perspective.pearsonaccess.com/perspective/appmanager/tx/family/?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=p2_home_pag

Hello, Welcome Back to School!!
The 1st 6weeks has come and gone. Its time to really buckle down and work now!!

Dictionaries Online

Microscopes Online

Protist Internet Lab

7th Grade Science Class Description
7th Grade Science introduces the fundamental concepts of scientific inquiry, the structure of matter, chemical reactions, forces, motion, and the interactions between energy and matter.  The course will serve students as a laboratory-based introduction. The ultimate goal of the course is to produce scientifically literate citizens capable of using their knowledge of science to solve real-world problems and to make personal, social, and ethical decisions that have consequences beyond the classroom walls.
About Me
This is my ninth year as a teacher. I have taught 6-12th grade all levels of science. This is my sixth year as a girls athletic coach and third year as the Girls Athletic Coordinator. I am currently coaching Volleyball, Basketball, and Track.

As a teacher, my job is to guide my students through the learning process, to help them understand and visualize the concept of the lesson and/or activity, and learn to apply that knowledge in real world applications. Teaching is an intellectual practice, a reflection of cultural politics, social, and professional career.

My educational goals differ with each class, but my overall goal is to help students help themselves. I am simply a guide, and want to push them to get out of their comfort zones and explore new ideas, learn new information, and strengthen skills. My classroom rules are clear, and fair. I am consistent and reasonable with all situations that occur. As misbehavior occurs, I try to assess the underlying issue as to what is causing the behavior. I understand and know that every situation may not be resolved in a positive manner, but I must take control, and strive for positive resolutions. I integrate positive and constructive praise within my class, and allow students to have a choice and responsibility for their own learning. It is important to teach good life and social skills. Teachable moments occur everywhere, and should be utilized as they arise.

I am excited to teach science. I care for it deeply. It is my passion, and hope that my enjoyment and excitement is reflected in my teaching. I am eager and excited about this year! I expect great things from my students.

Teacher information

Name:           Victoria Vega
Room #:         101
Conference:             MTWThF         10:28-11:22
Contact #:              (210) 645-7500 ext 2686                                                 
Email:                  vvega@swisd.net        
Website:                http://sco.swisd.net/teachers/vega/

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